9 Healthcare IT Trends in 2017

Black Book announced the results of its year-end C-suite poll as well as nine trends slated to impact providers, vendors and payers through the first half of 2017. According to…

6 Hospital-Physician Partnerships That Brought a Vision to Life
Physicians Aligned Across Your Health System

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Clinical Management

Hypercholesterolemia – Take the Test!

Genetic testing can help with diagnosis of familial hypercholesterolemia, a largely unknown disease One of the great many benefits of medical and scientific advances is…

Revenue Cycle

Revenue Cycle Management

Staying atop your incoming funds amidst the chaos Flexibility is one of the ‘gold-standard’ qualities in American business. Employees are always looking for flexible schedules,…


Opening the Lines of Communication

Early returns of study show better communication can decrease ICU admissions The importance of free-flowing, honest communication in healthcare has never been underestimated. Over the…