American Heart Association Urges Medicare to Cover Telehealth


The American Heart Association advocates that Medicare should cover evidence-based telehealth services for heart disease and stroke.

A statement from the organization shows the effectiveness of using telehealth to treat the 85 million Americans suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

According to the AHA, CVD and stroke cost the U.S. healthcare system more than $320 billion and $33 billion, respectively, each year. The annual costs are slated to increase to nearly $1 trillion by 2030.

“Telehealth is not only a proven tool for increasing access to high quality cardiovascular and stroke care for many patients, but it also meets all of the National Academy of Medicine’s domains of quality. It is recognized as safe, timely, effective, equitable, efficient and patient-centered care. With increasing physician shortages, rising costs and a burgeoning demand for treatment, telehealth can greatly improve value in health care and, most importantly, produce better health outcomes for all,” said Lee Schwamm, MD, FAHA and lead author.


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