Calculate Your Practice’s Medical Billing Analysis


ChartLogic, Inc. has recently announced the launch of their Medical Billing Analysis Calculator. The service gives users key billing metrics as well as compares results to MCMA benchmarks for practice specialties, according to a press release from ChartLogic.


Below is an example of how the calculator functions. It consists of an input section, which then calculates your practice’s billing analysis and displays the results side-by-side specialty benchmarks.


  • Practice Specialty
  • Annual Charges
  • Annual Collections
  • Total Outstanding A/R
  • Outstanding A/R >120 days
  • Number of Annual Encounters
  • Contractual Adjustments


  • Avg. Reim. / Encounter (ARE)
  • Net Collections %
  • Avg. Monthly Collections
  • Days in A/R (DSO)
  • A/R % > 120 Days

The calculator also provides a section within the results screen that displays your practice’s potential annual increase in revenue.

The ChartLogic Medical Billing Calculator can be accessed by desktop or mobile devices.


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