Healthcare Played Limited Role in Voters’ 2016 Election Decisions


A new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation showed healthcare was not as import as issues like the direction of the country and the economy.

Performed one week after the 2016 presidential election, the November Kaiser Health Tracking Poll showed healthcare played a small role in voters’ 2016 election decisions compared to other issues.

Approximately 31% of voters based their decisions on the direction of the country, while 15% based them on Donald Trump’s personal characteristics and jobs and the economy and 12% on Hillary Clinton’s personal characteristics. Only 8% said based theirs on healthcare.

Though President-elect Donald J. Trump announced intentions to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) while on the campaign trail, only 26% of Americans want Trump and the next Republican Congress to repeal the entire 2010 law. An additional 17% want them to scale back what the law requires. About 30% of the public wants to see the law expanded, and 19% want lawmakers to implement the law as it stands.

As for Trump voters, 50% want the ACA repealed, and 29% want it scaled back.


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