Healthcare Providers Support Solar Energy


Geostellar, an online solar marketplace, announced at Intersolar North America the launch of Solar.Clinic, a program for healthcare systems to go solar and offer solar energy to their employees, patients and community members. Working in partnership with Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth, the program was launched with health systems Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals based in northeast Ohio; Gundersen Health System serving western Wisconsin Northeastern Iowa and southeastern Minnesota; and Providence Health & Services across the western United States, according to a press release from Geostellar.

Participating health systems receive discounts on solar energy installation, equipment and financing for their own facilities and for the homes of employees, patients and community members. Geostellar also provides an online platform, communications program and distribution support for increasing the deployment of solar energy across each health system’s service area.

The Solar.Clinic program is also designed to boost economic development in the communities served by the health systems. Each installation is performed by qualified local contractors and backed by Geostellar’s supplemental guarantee covering workmanship, equipment and performance.

According to new research from Yale University as noted in the press release, if the U.S. healthcare system were a country, it would rank 13th in the world in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing 8% of our nation’s total climate impact and emitting more than the entire United Kingdom. U.S. healthcare is also responsible for 12% of our acidification, 10% of smog pollution, and 9% of respiratory disease from particulate matter. The health damage from U.S. healthcare sector pollutants for a single year was estimated at 470,000 “disability adjusted life years” (DALYs) — a measure of years lost due to ill health, disability or early death.


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