Hospitals Borrow Amenity Services from Hotels


More and more hospitals boast hotel-inspired features, service and staff training, contributing to improved health outcomes by lessening stress and anxiety among patients, according to a recent article from The New York Times.

Amenities borrowed from the hospital industry frequently found in hospitals now include uniformed valets, professional greets, complimentary WiFi, in-room massages from spa staff and on-demand patient meals, as noted by the article.

While these services support improved health outcomes, a driver of the trend may be hospitals’ desire to bring in patients with private insurance. Due to a dearth of reliable comparative data on hospitals’ medical outcomes, amenity offerings is one of the ways hospitals can compete with each other to attract patients.

“It’s a way for hospitals to compete with each other,” said Zig Wu, a senior program manager at Stanford Health Care and an author of an article on hospital in the medical field featured in the Journal of Healthcare Management, as cited in The New York Times article.

Luxury services such as VIP rooms or spa treatments come with a price tag, according to the report. Patients generally pay for these additional amenities out of pocket.


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