Keeping Protected Health Information Secure


How HealthPort® helps organizations go from audit chaos to audit relief

Is your facility inundated with seasonal health plan audits such as HEDIS and Medicare Risk Adjustment, increasing the volume of medical requests needing fulfillment? As requests grow, it is important to manage the number of calls, letters, and requests that your team handles without sacrificing quality patient care.

In this sponsored article and infographic, discover how HealthPort’s Audit Relief service can alleviate the burden of seasonal audits through:

  • Electronic receipt and delivery
  • Centralized processes
  • Integrated technology

Learn how Audit Relief works and how it can be customized to fit your needs. With Audit Relief, the features and benefits are numerous – from centralized processes to eliminating third-party vendors.

Additionally, learn more about the importance of securing protected health information (PHI) during the ROI process in an interview with Paul Gue, chief information officer at HealthPort.

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