Over 90 Percent of Hospital Patients Able to View EHRs Online


Data for six-month period in 2016-2017 shows rapid improvement in accessibility

According to recent data from the American Health Association, 93 percent of community hospitals observed between November 2016 and April 2017 were able to give patients access to information from their online electronic health records (EHRs).

Considering a similar observation from five years ago yielded only a 27 percent success rate, the outcome is being lauded as a massive success.

Other relevant statistics:

  • 84 percent of hospitals and health systems enable patients to download information from their health records, compared to only 16 percent five years ago
  • 83 percent of medical facilities enable patients to designate a caregiver to access health information on the patient’s behalf
  • 73 percent of hospitals and health systems give patients the ability to electronically transmit summaries of care to a third party—a significant increase from only 13 percent in 2013, when the question was first asked

Not surprisingly, the survey also showed that larger hospitals have an easier time making this accessibility a reality than do smaller hospitals. On the whole, however, the AHA expressed satisfaction with the results.

“The results from AHA’s Annual Survey and IT Supplement show that hospitals and health systems are enhancing the sophistication of their health IT systems in ways that engage patients in their healthcare,” read a statement.


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